Chat Rules & Regulations

This is a friendly chatroom and we wish to retain it by having everyone follow the rules below:

  • Respect is our #1 Rule.
    Please treat others as you would have them treat you. Name calling, Rudeness, and Disrespect of others is not desired.
  • No Trolling (publically or privately asking for sex from chatters) in any room is NOT permitted and will result in immediate banning.
  • NO placing links in the rooms of other chatrooms is permitted!!
    This is very rude and inconsiderate of those of us who have tried very hard to build our home.
  • No Abusive HTML is permitted. Abusive meaning blatant attempts to destroy the room itself by using javascripts or any other HTML tags. HTML mistakes are acceptable, but several attempts of the same HTML code may result in your being banned.
  • No Public CyberSex.
  • No Pornographic HTML links (name links included) of any kind.
  • No threats against another person, attempts of suicide, murder or any other type of this sick behaviour is accepted within these walls. Any actions of this type will result in immediate removal from the Palace.
This site is monitored !
Entrusted volunteers following a strict set of guidelines set by the Palace, are here to make sure the above rules are enforced. If you have problems, they are here to help.


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