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Basic information for chatting

     There is an example of the basic message area for all of our rooms following this section. Please use it to refer to as you read the information below. You may click on the bold colored text links if you wish to see the button area in question for each part as you are reading along. *smile*

  1. Please do NOT type in all caps (upper case letters) in your message(s) as this is considered the same as yelling in a room and it's rude to the other people in the room. Please be sure to read all of the rules that may be shown when you enter a new room to avoid any misunderstandings. If you have any questions/concerns/problems with anything, please feel free to let one of our room monitors know and they will be more than happy to help you. *warm smile*

  2. Use the "Refresh" button to get/read your new messages or to read any new messages in the room.

  3. Use the "Send" button to send your message. If the name after the "Message to" box is something other than "public", it will be sent as a private (or personal) message (pm) to that specific person.

  4. When your messages show up as: "Person1: [Person2]" and the entire message is in red
     (* - and this does include the date and time above the name being in red),  this means that the message is private--
    No one but you as the receiver and the person sending them can read these private messages.
    (Caution:  Please do NOT give your password to anyone since this could result in that person logging in under your name using your password to impersonate you and thereby gaining access to reading your mail and/or private messages.)

  5. You may choose the color of your name from the select list of sixteen different colors that we offer at this time. We are sorry but HTML within names are not allowed at this time. If you do not choose a color for your name, it will automatically default to the one selected for the room that you are in at that time.
    (Please note that if you chose the option of having a URL attached to your name when you registered/logged in, your name is now a HTML link and so your name will appear in the link color for the room and NOT necessarily the color you choose for your handle.)

  6. The "Back" button will allow you to read the logs from earlier in the day. Just place the number of messages that you would like to go back in the box and click on the "Back" button. You will be sent back that number of messages if they are available.
    (Note:  Large numbers will work, but it is not encouraged since it will take a longer time to load. Also remember that the logs are erased every morning at 7:30 a.m. but this does NOT include mailbox messages. Mailbox messages remain in your mailbox until you delete them.)

  7. The "Lock Name" checkbox allows the name selected (as mentioned in # 3 above) to still be there after you send your message, which saves you from having to find them again in the names list.

  8. The "Page" button has a text box allows you to send a private message to someone in any chosen one of the public rooms at the Palace.
    To send a page, all you have to do is type the person's name/handle in the text box, choose a room to send the message to, type your message in the message area as you normally normally would, and click the "Send" or "Page" button to send the message as a page.

  9. The "JukeBox" option allows you to choose whether or not you would like to have it displayed on your browser. To have the jukebox displayed, simply click "yes" in the box and then click on the "Send/Refresh" button. The jukebox has two lists of songs that you may choose from. If you would like to play songs from either one or both lists, put a check mark in the box after "JukeBox: Choose a song, " by simply clicking in it. Select the song(s) that you would like by clicking on the song title(s) to highlight it and then use your " Send/Refresh" button. You can also send a message as usual if you would like along with a song.
    To listen to the song, just click on the link that is created for it on the page in the room and if your computer is setup for it, the song should load and start playing.
    And for those wishing for help in configuring your Netscape browser for playing midis, here's a URL that may help you:
    How To Configure A Viewer For Midi in Netscape by Ronnie.

  10. To change rooms:  Select the room you wish to go to by highlighting it within the box and then click on the " Change Rooms" button. You will then be magically transported to the room you chose. *smile*

  11. The "Features/Mailbox Room" button takes you to another room where you can leave a message for a friend in their mailbox if they are away from the Palace at the time you are there. The person will be told the next time they login that they have a new message. The area is pretty much the same setup as the room itself, so using it should feel pretty familiar.

  12. The "Who's Around" button takes you to another room where you can check to see who else is in the palace and may be in another room.

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Basic Message Area

Message to : Lock Name

Type Name:
Room To Send To:

JukeBox: Choose a song, check this box and then post as normal.

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Other Chat Information

  1. When done typing your message, you can try hitting your "TAB" key once and then your "SPACEBAR" once.

  2. For most users, this will send your message without having to use your mouse to click a button.

  3. HTML is allowed in the postings in all of our rooms with exception to what is listed in our rules and in Fantassia's HTML Tips. The HTML in the postings is checked for most minor mistakes by the chat program itself.

  4. This site is Netscape Enhanced. We cannot and do not guarantee that everything will look okay using any other browser.

  5. At the present time, we offer two levels of membership:   our Silver Membership and our Gold Membership.
    The Silver Membership is FREE to all users who apply for it after 30 days of regular visiting.
    We offer the Gold Membership for a small yearly paid fee with some really great features.
    Please click on one of the links above for more membership information.

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Some Chat Abbreviations

Here is a small list of some of the chat abbreviations that you are bound to run across while chatting here.
(Note:  Depending on the room/chat web site, the use of the asterisk (*) may be replaced by the lesser than symbol (<) and the greater than symbol (>) and the Caps key may or may not be used as well.)

bbl = Be Back Later bbs = Be Back Soon
*bol* = big old laugh *brb* = Be Right Back
*g* = grin *kotc* = kiss on the cheek
*L* = laughing *LMAO* = Laughing My A** Off
*LOL* = laughing out loud *ROTF* = Rolling On The Floor
*ROTFLMAO* = (comb. of ROTF + LMAO) RTI = Real Time Interruption/Interference
*s* = smile TTYL = Talk To You Later
TTYS = Talk To You Soon *weg* = wicked evil grin
*wg* = wicked grin *ws* = warm smile

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