Fun Facts and Some History

Our First Year (1996-1997):

     Fantassia's Palace started out roughly about two years ago in 1996, as a test of Webmaster's programming skills. He wanted to see if he could write a chatroom from scratch. It took him two months to come up with and write the basic version from which our chat site had its humble beginnings. (There have been many, MANY versions/upgrades since that first basic version! *lol*)

     The chatroom was originally intended for Fantassia to use to bring in some of her friends for chatting, almost like a personalized private room. For many months, it stayed just that but eventually, one by one, a few drifters from here and there found their way into the palace and made it into their home. (In fact, we are pleased to say that many of those original "drifters" are still here with us today! *s*)

     The first year of the Palace was a happy one for all of us for the most part. Being so few in numbers, we all really got the opportunity to know each other very well and we became an extended family to each other. During the first year, we had many ups and downs......other chatrooms kept having problems with keeping their doors open and Fantassia's Palace often found itself being a "temp" site for chatters many times that year. But if it wasn't for those various chatroom crashes, we would not have picked up some of the great chatters we have today that never knew this place existed. *s*

     It was also during this first year that our domain was even called "" when, in fact, it was still "" since we (Webmaster and Fantassia) had originally intended to start a web page design company with the Palace intended as an online example of his work.

     During our first year, we only had five chatrooms:  The Tavern, The Dungeon, The Garden, The Pools and Shadow's Realm. During this time, the two most popular chat rooms were the Tavern and the Dungeon. The Tavern at that time was the main "hotspot" at night and the Dungeon being most frequented in the daytime. The Tavern has undergone a few name changes since we first opened. It has gone from the original Main Hall to Highlander's Mystical Tavern, the Mystical Tavern, then back to Highlander's Mystical Tavern, and now once again it is back to being The Mystical Tavern. The Dungeon has also undergone a few slight name changes as well. In the beginning, one of our closest chat friends had agreed to help us with the chatsite, and because of this, we gave him the honor/opportunity of having the Dungeon. So for a long time, it was known as Raphael's Dungeon and it is our opinion, that this was one of the most happy and wonderful times for the Dungeon that the Palace has known when Raphael was there to oversee its growth.

     In March, 1997, we held a logo contest with the prize of $25 for whomever came up with the new winning logo. As a result, the logo that you now see on our main page was the winner of that contest. It was created and designed exclusively for Fantassia's Palace by a family of chatters who don't have the opportunity to chat here much any more but we still thank them for the lovely piece of artwork they created for us using Corel Draw.

     In April, 1997, we decided to hold a weekend chat party! Our first annual Fantassia chat party was held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was a small party with the only people in attendance being Fantassia, Webmaster, Bulldog, Cinnaminn, Dexter and Kotchka. It was a very great and happy time for us even with the small group of people which gave us a chance to get better acquainted with each other with some long-lasting rt friendships evolving from that weekend. Webmaster even let loose and mastered the fine art/technique of how to do tequila shots after receiving a few coaching lessons from Kotchka and Dexter that weekend! It was after this first party that we decided that it would be a great thing to have one annual party every year.

     In June of 1997, we finally got our domain name and abandoned the original d-designs name for it since it no longer fit the growing needs of the Palace.

     In August, 1997, our Shadow's Realm finally became populated by a wonderful bunch of chatters who had lost their original chathome. We have never met a better bunch of fun-loving, friendly chatters, and we feel that Fantassia's Palace has greatly benefited from their joyful presence.

     Then, with the coming of our 1st year anniversary, Webmaster and I were both exhausted yet excited that our little chat site had survived a whole year!!!! A whole year of other chatrooms dumping on us, many server changes
(we're glad to say that we have actually stayed with the same one now for over a year!), making many new and exciting friends, and learning what it was like to be responsible for people to provide them with a fun, safe place to chat.

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Our Second Year (1997-1998):

     Our second year brought continual growth with a shift of chatters away from the tavern to the Shadows and the Dungeon, leaving the poor tavern virtually empty most of the time. It was also during this time that several new rooms were created and added to the Palace in response to the needs of our chatters.

     By this time during our second year with the Palace, Webmaster had virtually become a legend that no one really sees chatting anymore due to his very busy and full university and work schedules along with the Palace updates which leaves him with hardly any free time at all just to simply chat. In fact, it was just recently that he came into the Palace and someone was heard to exclaim, "My God, you really do exist!"

     In February, 1998, we introduced a new second level membership service to the Palace known as our gold membership which allow people to have the following benefits as a gold member:

  1. A bio web page.
  2. A star by their name which is linked to the bio page.
  3. The ability to see "lurkers."
  4. The option to be in two rooms at once within the same browser.
  5. An Individual e-mail account that we call "Fan Mail."
  6. A private room for those who wish a more intimate place to chat at times.
  7. Some quick HTML buttons that give you a small but easy selection of some different fonts, styles, and colors. without you having to know any HTML in order to use these features. *s*
All of these wonderful benefits were made available for a small fee of $25 per year in U.S. currency. You might like to check out our directory of gold members to see what some of our chatters have done with their bio pages. *s* Our free Silver memberships have remained to give everyone a chance to be a Fantassia member and have certain features available to them.

     In May, 1998, we held our second annual chat party in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. and we had 4 times as many people show up for this party compared to the first one!!!! We were amazed and very pleased and we all had one HELL of a time!! *g* The chatters who showed up for the party this year included:  Fantassia, Webmaster, Bulldog, MA, Anais, Tieron, ~spring~ rain~, Willow, Rock, Rock's lionnesse, Cinnaminn, Sir Wonders, MARQUIS DE SADE, ~opal*essence~ (and yes, she did come all the way from Japan for the party!!! *G*), jewel, LANDOWNER, Voyager, Crystal Balls, Lord Nikkon,*Bunny and Bunny Lover. Whew!!!!!....and we're hoping that we beat that number at the next annual party! We do hope to see you at the THIRD annual Fantassia's RT Chat party next year!

     We spent that weekend of the second annual chat party chatting of course, along with drinking, looking at lingerie, shopping, dancing, and dining out. *s* There were some tearful goodbyes by the end of the weekend. Webmaster and I want to take this opportunity to again to personally thank Bulldog and MA for everything they did that weekend for the party because without them and their invaluable help, there would have been no party. Thank you so much, Bulldog and MA!!!!!!!

     In July, 1998, another chatter from the Palace had a personal campout party weekend in her backyard in Canada for some of the chatters here at the Palace. It was a small party with just Fantassia; Anais, Tieron and their children; Rock and ~Rock's lionnesse; Crystal Balls; Harpoon, and Cinnaminn with her kids, RavenWolf and Two-Bits spending the weekend. We also enjoyed visits from a few of the other chatters who dropped in for a little visit like Bulldog and MA with their family; Jackhammer, squire todd; along with some other visitors, and *delight* who managed to get in a visit there at the end of the weekend. It was a very enjoyable, relaxing weekend that we spent playing at the beach, dinner, camping out, a tiny bit of drinking and just exploring some new-found real time friendships. *s*

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Our Third Year (1998-1999):

      Coming Soon!

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Some Fun Facts:

URL Bar:  The URL bar that you see when you log into the Palace has been there from the very beginnings of Fantassia's Palace and has been one of our popular features.

A picture of a note with pen- graphic courtesy of Icon BazaarA picture of a note with pen - graphic courtesy of Icon Bazaar Personal non-member mailboxes:  We were one of the first chatrooms to offer such a feature to chatters at no cost to them! It's almost like having their own personal e-mail space here.
*s*  Each person is notified after logging in if they have any new messages in their mailbox.

Jukebox - graphic courtesy of ZippiJukebox - graphic courtesy of Zippi Jukebox:  The jukebox was a fun idea thought of by Webmaster himself to help liven up the Palace......hey, it may only be crappy midi music but it's fun!! *g* (Webmaster's Note:  The reason why most of the songs are from the "dark ages" is due to Fantassia's fascination/love of old time rock classics!!!! HINT:  If you ever want to buy Fantassia a present, a safe bet is to buy her a '70's hits CD!!!!! *lol*)

A picture of Papa SmurfA picture of Smurfette and another Smurf dancing Smurf:  No, we're not talking about Poppa Smurf either! We did include some pictures of them just to make you smile though!  *g*  "Smurf" or "smurfing" was a cute term that we originally created in the Palace back in 1996, it used for calling someone who was banned. We have affectionately used those terms ever since. We have heard that other chatrooms have now acquired this term and all we can say is you're welcome for the idea and we hope you have as much fun as we have had with it! *s*

Who's Around button:  This button feature came in our second year, and boy, it sure is one of the most popular buttons that we offer!! Now chatters in the Palace don't have to surf to each room to find out who is where!!!!!! One hit/click on the "Who's Around" button and you'll know who's where in a just a matter of seconds! *s*

Name Colors:  Chatters have many different colors to choose from for their handle/name color. (Just remember that if you have a URL attached to your name, this color option will NOT work for you since your handle with a URL attached to it is now a clickable link.)

HTML:  HTML itself is allowed in the chatroom and has been since the beginning, although some HTML itself has proven to be nothing but a big pain in the a** (behind) so a lot of the more annoying HTML has been scrapped at Webmaster's discretion. (I.E.......No, you cannot  post a direct image in our chat rooms but you may post a link to one in accordance with the rules for the Palace. We used to allow posting of direct images but soon gave up that idea when we found out how much it could screw up a room.)  Please be sure to check out Fantassia's HTML Tips for some instructions/ideas on just what you can do with HTML in the Palace. *s* We even have some copy-and-paste examples available on that page that you can try out for yourself. *g*

Silver Membership Features:  As an honored silver member at the Palace, Fantassia and Webmaster have awarded you the following privileges as a way to say thank you for chatting in our palace for a month or more:

  1. Having A Second Chatbox:  This feature makes it easier to talk to more than one person at a time when chatting in a room. It is also handy for pm'ing one person while still being able to talk publicly in the room.
  2. A Last Logged-In Feature:  This will tell you when someone was last in the Palace.
  3. An Ignore Chatter Feature:  This allows you more control over who you will talk with and who you want to ignore so you don't have talk to anyone you don't want to.
  4. Speed Chat:  This allows the chatter to reduce the amount of HTML in the page that is sent back to them. For slower connections this can make a difference. (believe us, we've been there *lol*)
  5. A Page Monitor Feature:  It allows you to page a room monitor if you or someone you know is having some trouble in the Palace and need to have a room monitor in the same room. This allows you to page for one without anyone but the Palace room monitors knowing who it was who paged for a room monitor.
  6. Extra Mailbox Feature #1: Folders:  You can now store your mailbox messages into separate folders instead of always in the main area.
  7. Extra Mailbox Feature #2: Address Book:  Can't remember all those names? Use this to store anyone's name you want for faster messaging.
  8. Extra Mailbox Feature #3: Sent Box:  Option to save all your "sent" mail to a special "Sent" folder upon sending.

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