Silver Membership Application

With our FREE silver membership (after 30 days of visiting), we are pleased to offer the following items to you:

  1. Optional second chat box for sending two different messages at once.
  2. Post Control which allows you to choose who you want to receive messages from.
  3. Receive a link to change handles on-the-fly. (Takes you straight back to your current room)
  4. Ability to find out when a friend last logged in.
  5. Receive a button with the ability to page a monitor in case of any trouble or if you have any questions.
    (Please Note: The use of this button is tracked and any abuse of it will be known.)
  6. Extra Mailbox Feature #1: Folders - You can now store your mailbox messages into separate folders instead of always in the main area.
  7. Extra Mailbox Feature #2: Address Book - Can't remember all those names? Use this to store anyone's name you want for faster messaging.
  8. Extra Mailbox Feature #3: Option to save all your "sent" mail to a special "Sent" folder upon sending.
(* New Features will be added as they are created.)


Please do not apply for silver memberships unless you have been here for 30 days AND a regular chatter here. Sending me silver memberships on the first or second day chatting here, results in my mail getting clogged and making the process for giving out silver memberships slower since I have to figure out if I know you. Sending in the application in early will result in it being deleted.

If you chat here once every blue moon don't expect to get a silver membership. Getting a free silver membership is a privledge not a right rewarded to those loyal chatters here at the palace *smiles*

Sending me a silver membership and then hounding me in the chatroom an hour later not only irritates me but it is rude of you for not letting me be able to chat and have fun...I am there to have fun just like you, please remember that *s* So note that the FREE silver memberships usually get done once a week around the weekend.

Same also applies to those hounding me that haven't sent in an application. I am not a mind reader you know *lol*

Do not get my icq number from someone just so that you can ask me for silver memberships, that's what the email addy is for. I consider my icq my personal space and get irritated when people get my icq just so they can hound me there.

And lastly for those of you that change your names every week or so. Though I couldn't care less how many times you change your name do not think you have special treatment and EXPECT me to drop everything and run and to change your Silver membership over. send me an email letting me know of the name change and I will gladly do it with the others at the end of the week *smiles*

Please note that I am simply placing these simple guidlines down to make my life easier. I love giving out Free memberships here but just thought it was time to get things more organized. *smiles*


Please fill out the form below to apply for a Silver membership at Fantassia's Palace and then hit the "Apply" button.
Thank You.


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